Elektable Ron Paul !!!


“Elektable” is a short fictional film about Ron Paul and the amazing political revolution he has inspired. The movie explores truth in the media and how it secretly holds a deep affection for Dr. Paul.

On a more serious note, Ron Paul still has a chance to win the GOP nomination. This will only happen if a majority of Americans realize that he is the true champion of the people. No amount of money and blatant blackouts can deny Dr. Paul the nomination if enough people get behind him and his message.

The film was written and directed by Jeremy Richter, a filmmaker from Chicago. Mr. Richter has worked on hundreds of TV commercials, brand films and corporate videos. In 2008, he served as Writer/Director for the full length feature film “Discovering Deerpath” (Rated “G”, 124 minutes, with Bill Kurtis). Mr. Richter has worked directly with a range of celebrities, including Anchorman 1 & 2 star Bill Kurtis, hip hop artist Ludacris, Apollo 8 & 13 Astronaut Jim Lovell, golf Legend Arnold Palmer and World War II icon Greeley Wells (who brought the stars and stripes onto Iwo Jima).

All scenes for the film were shot in Chicago over 4 days using the Red One MX and Epic Cameras. The sets shown in the film were custom built for this effort.

Starring: Kevin Lingle, Pam Tierney & Bridget Erickson

With: Andrew Baltazar, Jimmy Chung, Holly Lowe Jones, Laura Pollina, Jeremy Richter, Marisol Velez & Lucy Zukaitis.

Extras: Shawn Askounis, Jeanette Austin, Brittany Clapper, Kathleen Gillespie, Mateusz Kociolek, Joel Manning & David Richter

Executive Producers: David & Jeremy Richter
Written & Directed By: Jeremy RIchter
Cinematography: Marcel Morin
Set Design: Sarah Mueller
Lighting Design: Joe Martinez, Jr.
Hair/Make-Up: Dani Schmidt & Peter Vassallo
Sound Design: Elliot Bancel
Edited By: Jeremy Richter
Animation/FX: Leon Kelsick
Color: Joe Martinez, Jr.

This film was created by the creative team at Richter Studios, which is based in Chicago. Although not everyone at the firm supports Ron Paul, they do share a strong passion for the arts. A full portfolio of the company’s work can be found here:


Also, here are the web addresses for the people mentioned in the film:

Frederic Bastiat: http://bastiat.org/

Peter Schiff: http://schiffradio.com/

Doug Wead: http://www.dougwead.com/

Ben Swann: https://www.facebook.com/BenSwannRealityCheck

Daily Paul: http://www.dailypaul.com/

Josh Tolley: http://www.youtube.com/thejoshtolleychannel

MatLarson10: http://www.youtube.com/matlarson10

Amanda BillyRock: http://www.youtube.com/abillyrock

ReviewManify: http://www.youtube.com/reviewmanify

TMOT (The Minister of Truth): http://www.youtube.com/tmotofga

Rand Paul: http://paul.senate.gov/

Julie Borowski: http://www.youtube.com/TokenLibertarianGirl

Judge Napolitano: http://www.judgenap.com/
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Elektable Ron Paul Liberty 2012 GOP Nomination Republican Party Mitt Romney Obama 2012 Presidential Election Frederic Bastiat Peter Schiff Doug Wead MatLarson10 Josh Tolley Amanda BillyRock ReviewManify TMOT Rand Paul Ben Swann Julie Borowski Judge Napolitano

2 Responses to “Elektable Ron Paul !!!”

  1. Jonathan Aimes Says:

    First off, I would like to agree that Obama and Romney are both equally shit candidates. They are both working for corporations and against the good will of the people of this country.

    Secondly, I would like to ask if you have heard anything about the RNC and how the republican party has become Fascist?

    Third, I would like to speak on abortion. I see the idea that people try to make about how abortion is killing a person, but I also see the other side very well. If you let the child grow up in miserable conditions whether it be that of foster care, or that of the ghetto or any poverty stricken environment, that child will most likely continue to live in poverty.

    Yes, I understand it’s possible to be successful and pull yourself out of poverty, but a lot of the time, people aren’t able to do that because of the lack of money that they have access too. It’s harder for some people to get loans due to the poverty they’ve been raised, way to many variables to list.

    The highest cause of violence is oppression and poverty. If children are forced to live in these circumstances then they are forced into violence and crime. Gun violence is a huge problem in our country, and almost every case of gun violence is directly associated with robbery or theft of some sort. Check the UN’s website, they have statistcs, though I can’t pin point the exact where abouts. In any case, if children that will live in poverty aren’t aborted, then they will have a pretty good chance of being a criminal at some point, and possibly a murderer.

    In the ’90s crime rates dropped dramatically. The cause was that in 1973 abortion was legalized. The criminals that should have been born weren’t. Also, do you eat eggs? If you do, then you are stealing the possible children of animals, and therefore not even giving them the choice of whether or not they want to have a child. Even if the egg wasn’t fertilized, chances are the chicken wasn’t given a chance to mate, since you aren’t allowing the chicken access to a mate. Therefore you are not only imprisoning an animal but stealing it’s potential children. Now do that to a human being, and what would happen? Prison… How is that fair?

    No I’m not a member of PETA, but when people try to say that they should have a decision about a vagina that they don’t even know, then I think that person should have been aborted.

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