ALL USA Churches are AGENTS of the IMPERIAL EMPIRE via IRS 501c3 Tax Code Status !

Nazi Youth Pope Ratzinger

Preachers Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

It seems many Americans are unaware of the 1994 to 2001 controversy and siege by the Federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on the Indianapolis New Testament Baptist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana., The issue, the church’s refused to comply with the IRS stifling rules and mandates for Church tax exemptions. Today most churches comply with the IRS Tax Code 501c3 stipulations and are now referred to by many as government controlled churches, no longer able or willing to speak out on issues political or determined controversial by the feds (the Church has been silenced) Such issues as torture, indefinite detention, confinement without charges, rendition, murder by presidential executive order, attacks on our constitutional God given rights, attacks on sovereign nations without meeting Constitutional criteria, etc. The message from the government approved generic pulpits today is mainly restricted to what the government determines is acceptable. The question “what should Christians do” regarding the many controversial issues confronting our lives and country today has become more and more moot and very difficult to broach. It is becoming difficult to be a good American and a good Christian.

The Stand:

Churches Tax Free? No longer #1

Churches Tax Free? No longer #2

Churches Tax Free? No longer #3

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