Awakening !


Patriots v NWO, We the People v Oligarchs, 99% v 1%, D2NWO

Overthrowing the Elite D2NWO

Game Over D2NWO

NWO Defeated Conquered D2NWO


Ron Paul WINS 100% of DELEGATES from MAINE !

Ron Paul WINS 88% of DELEGATES from NEVADA !

Ron Paul tied with Mitt SO FAR and Ron Paul REVOLUTION has JUST BEGUN !

False Republican v Democratic Illusion versus TRUTH

On Nation Under Surveillance – Police State Enough Yet – 1984 – Big Brother


It’s not who votes that counts, It’s who counts the votes – Stalin

Don’t NeoCon Me – Gadsden Flag – Don’t tread on Me

Einstein on Evil

Sponsors of False Flags Agencies

American Revolutionaries Freedom

Halliburton Military Industrial Complex Wars Profiteers Skullduggery (Dick Cheney et al)

Keeping up with the Joneses

Ron Paul v NObama

NObama Recession Depression Oppression

NObama Don’t Tread on Me Snake – Seal Team Six Osama Bin Laden Propaganda Deceptions

NObama African Lion v Lyin’ African

NObama sign dogs pee line

Ron Paul v Mitt 1% RomneyCare

Ron Paul 99% v Mitt Romney 1%

Ron Paul Woodstock Rock Star Crowds Audiences Rallies Speeches Gatherings Attendances Excitement Energy Enthusiasm

Ron Paul Austrian v Paul Krugman Keynesian

Ron Paul Convinced

Ron Paul wins by State Delegates SO FAR

End the FED – Silver Certificates v Fiat Fed Toilet Paper

Guns 2A versus Criminals

Three Percenters 3% – 2A Guns NRA GOA

Truth v Illusion

CISPA ACTA SOPA PIPA Patriot Act NDAA HR347 NDRP Michelle Bachmann

With 40 million hits and exclusively Ron Paul interviews and materials.</a>

YouTube Shuts Down RON PAUL channel as in Fascist Government Controlled Corporations Spin Bias Propaganda Agendas

Stop Flip Flop Mitt 1% RomneyCare

Ron Paul Front Runner Tea Party & V for Vendetta versus MSM Black Out

Twitter statistics 4/29/12

President Ron Paul

One Response to “Awakening !”

  1. Daniel Patrick Hall Says:
    two-step 4Freedom + fb = Fame & Fortune + VICTORY
    1. DailyPaul
    2. Use your .WS 4Freedom URL as Signature in each “status update/share.”
    Freedom is not free. True free market yields peace & prosperty 4All.
    Oppose unjust war!!! MLKJr.:

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